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Welcome to The Forensic Sound Laboratory Website

The Forensic Sound Laboratory is a Forensic Laboratory that specialises in Signal Processing as applied to Speech and other sounds. We apply Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques to prepare credible sound and speech evidence for court and provide a range of court services to effectively prepare and present that audio evidence.

Our Advanced Signal Processing Tools are developed in house using the latest and most reliable speech science and signal processing research from organisations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). We develop our signal processing tools using state of the art technical software - Matlab by Mathworks.

Our courts tend to treat speech and audio evidence as personal opinion. If the defence and prosecution have differing opinions, then both sides present those opinions to the Judge or Jury for them to decide who to believe. The FSL advocates that audio evidence should be prepared, processed, translated and presented using the scientific method as is with all evidence.

Our research projects investigate the most effective and reliable Speech Science and Speech Signal Processing Models and Algorithms that accurately represent the evidence. We also investigate how to adapt these scientific concepts to the legal concept of reasonable doubt.

Our team is composed of highly qualified Professional Electrical Engineers, Research Scientists and Speech/Sound/Audio professionals. Our Professional Electrical Engineers have PhD qualifications in Electrical Engineering with expertise in speech, acoustic and audio signal processing. The Speech Scientists we use have humanities expertise in areas like linguistics and phonetics.

We are located in Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains on the outskirts of Sydney, NSW, Australia. The FSL is open five days a week (Mon to Fri) from 9am to 5pm by appointment only.

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Our Commitment to You

Our technical staff are highly qualified and experienced Forensic Consultants with Professional Electrical Engineering Degrees and majoring in speech and audio signal processing.

We are located in Blackheath in New South Wales, Australia but offer our unique services all over Australia.

Our vision is to produce audio evidence for court that accurately represents the reality of the original auditory scene. We prepare client and court reports of our investigations and present that evidence in court.

The type of audio investigations we do are:...

  • Authentication that can determine if audio evidence represents the original auditory scene enough to be used in court or can detect if audio evidence has been tampered with since it was recorded.
  • Speech Enhancement or Noise Reduction that uses analysis of speech or noise to make the speech more intelligible.
  • Sound Identification like gun shot analysis that can determine the sequence of gun fire.
  • Speaker or Voice Identification that can determine if a suspect is or is not the perpetrator.
  • Transcription and Speech Analysis that can determine the most likely of words spoken.
  • Media Translation that can prepare audio files optimally in the required format.

Why Choose The Forensic Sound Laboratory?

The Forensic Sound Laboratory has ...

  • capable, well qualified and experienced forensic staff with Professional Electrical Engineering degrees and many years experience in the forensic speech area.

  • a well equipped, state of the art, technical laboratory with the forensic tools that can help our staff to answer all forensic speech questions.

  • the capability and commitment to research all aspects of Forensic speech to ensure our investigations are scientifically valid.

  • a comprehensive range of signal processing tools that have been developed and verified over time.

  • forensic staff with ties to top Speech Processing Research Organisations.

  • forensic staff with extensive experience as expert witnesses in court.

  • a wide and comprehensive knowledge of speech science and the scientific method.

  • a wide and comprehensive knowledge of speech and sound signal processing.

  • a wide and comprehensive knowledge of court report writing.

  • a wide and comprehensive knowledge of research techniques.

  • Consultation by appointment only 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.