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Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) and Power Conditioners

A Power Conditioner stabilises mains power and so has AVR capabilities plus one or more of surge supression/absorbtion, short circuit protection, line noise absorbtion, phase voltage balancing and harmonic filitering. An AVR normalises mains voltage and removes changes in voltage such as those caused by Variation in Mains Voltage Levels, Voltage Drop from meter box to equipment and Voltage Fluctuations over time. The function of an AVR is to absorb the range of mains voltage, that could vary by + 10 to - 25% and reduce that variation (e.g. to + or - 3%). Most AVRs can absorb input surges in voltage.

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a device designed to regulate voltage automatically – that is, to take a fluctuating voltage level and turn it into a constant voltage level. There are three types of AVRs which are Electrical, Mechanical and Ferroresonant Transformer. The Electrical type is used in most applications due to it's efficency, switching speed and low maintenance.

An AVR or Power Conditioner is required when specialist equipment requires stable mains voltage to operate or when the location is in a postion that attracts power fluctuations e.g at the end of a power transmission line or surges such as lightning strikes.

ACSonline offers a range of Power Conditioner's/AVR's to suit computer equipment for individuals and small business. We sell protection products that have been carefully selected for quality and reliability.

The types of Power Conditioner products we sell Electronic and for low power applications.

We sell only by phone or email order with payment only by direct deposit or credit card over the phone (moto).

Power Conditioners/AVRs - Sold by ACSonline

Protection - Automatic Voltage Regulators

2000VA AVR


The 2000VA AVR is an electronic AVR that is plugged in a power point and supplies constant mains voltage to all devices on that powerpoint provided the total load is below 2000VA.

ACSOnline Shop has one type of 2000VA AVR in stock.

It is a PSS AVR-2000VA which is an AVR that provides short circuit, overload and surge protection as well. Download the AVR-2000VA pdf document here.

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