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Protection Equipment

Living in the mountains with cliffs either side of us, gives us magnificent views and 'clean' air but means our electricity supply has a number of problems. The most obvious problem is that we can lose mains power completely from minutes to hours or days at various times of the year. A second problem is that we get fluctuations in mains voltage; the worst example of this is when lights dim or equipment stops working because of low mains voltage. The third problem is that we regularly get surges. If our soil has iron in it; our homes and equipment can be particularly susceptible to destructive surges like lightning strikes.

Surges and spikes can affect any electrical equipment like computers, printers, stereos, televisions or DVD players. The telephone line is much more likely to be a source of destructive surges than mains as mains lines have inherent protection. Surges can damage connected computers and other equipment. Mains through the power circuit and telephone line via ethernet cables attached to ADSL/VDSL modems.

The types of protection equipment products we sell are "Uninteruptible Power Supply (U.P.S.)", "Surge Protection Products". "Automatic Voltage Regulators (A.V.R.)" and "Power Conditioners".

This online shop offers a range of protection equipment to local and remote customers. We sell protection products that have been carefully selected for quality and reliability. We sell only by phone or email order with payment only by direct deposit or credit card over the phone (moto).

Protection Equipment sold by ACSOnline Shop

Uninteruptible Power Supply - UPS

The main function of a UPS is to provide power when mains supply drops out. UPS's can also correct common power problems by providing Surge Protection, Voltage Regulation, Noise Reduction, Frequency Regulation and Harmonic distortion correction as well as battery backup.

The types of UPS's we sell are those for individuals and small businesses. For a full description of the protection equipent that we have for sale see our UPS page.

Power Conditioners and Automatic Voltage Regulators (A.V.R.)

A Power Conditioner stabilises mains power and so it has AVR capabilities plus one or more of surge supression/absorbtion, short circuit protection, line noise absorbtion, phase voltage balancing and harmonic filitering.

For a full description of the Power Conditioners and AVR's that we have for sale see our Power Conditioners page.

Surge Protection Products

The types of Surge Protector Products available are Power boards, Power Plugs and Telephone Line Protection Products.

For a full description of the Surge Protector Products that we have for sale see our Surge Protection Product page.